Junior Chef

  •  Rolling Pin with Cookie Cutters: Two-in-one baking tool features a storage style rolling pin containing set of cookie cutters. Rolling pin crafted in durable material, shaped to be kid-friendly and dishwasher safe. There are 9 cookie cutters: flower, duck, three-leaf clover, bunny, star, heart, butterfly, gingerbread man and woman.
  • Children’s Chef Hat & Apron: Lightweight polyester material, elastic band hat, one pocket apron that ties in back.
  • Plush Potbelly Bear: 11” Bear from KellyToy with colorful neck bow.
  • Nylon Kitchen Spatula: Features small beveled circles on the handle for a better grip. Meets FDA standard.
  •  Kids Candy Bag: Individually wrapped assortment of Kid-Friendly Candy, 4.5oz.
  • Bow & Cello

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