Beach Buddy

  • Shark Themed Toy Storage Container: approx.11”H x 11”W x 11”D with access from top or through shark’s mesh mouth.
  • Large Plush Dolphin: 18” L x 10” W.
  • 2 Stars & Stripes Mini Beach Balls: 7”D
  • Shark Kite: Includes kite string on a plastic handle, 28", Simple assembly required.
  • 2 Metal Badminton Rackets with Birdie: approx. Strong metal frame, plastic birdie, 18” L x 8” W.
  • Plastic Blue Sand Bucket: 9" x 8"D
  • 3 Sand Shovels: 9”L, plastic, multi colors & shapes.
  • Metallic Jumbo Patriotic Pinwheel: 9" Metallic foil pinwheel on a 20" plastic stick.
  • S.S. Whale Willie Sunglasses: 5”L plastic with slightly tinted lens.
  • Patriotic Pride Blinking Necklace: battery included.
  • Kids Candy Bag: Individually wrapped assortment of kid-friendly candy. 3.5 oz. Sugar-free option available (please indicate in optional notes at check out).
  • Large Fabric Bow

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